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First Call / Emergency Monitoring



The First Call emergency response system has become a lifeline to provide peace of mind for many families in the area. This system has allowed many of our elderly physically/mentally handicapped, or ill customers to remain in their homes, alone when their family members cannot be there. The system provides peace of mind for the person and their family. 


With a touch of a button, an alert is sounded and the unit automatically dials a 1-800 number to the Cooperative Response Center. Within minutes a two way communinication is opened with the consumer, assessing the need, and dispatching either 911 and/or contact people listed in the contact information.


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We offer two types of systems:


1. The Pers Linear 3600 Unit is an emergency system connected directly to your phone jack. This unit has a waterproof pendant that can be worn as a necklace or on the wrist. Once the pendant is activated, it will dial into CRC dispatch, and open the speaker to provide two-way communication with the consumer. While they are attempting to communicate with the consumer, they are also contacting people listed on the contact information to alert them that their family member, neighbor, or friend is in need of help. If they are unable to connect with one of the people listed on the contact information they will then contact 911 and ask that someone be dispatched to the home of the consumer to check on them.


2. The CaretakerSentry provides a complete platform for consumers. The standard CaretakerSentry Kit comes with a waterproof pendant that is fully supervised and has a 5-year battery.

The CaretakerSentry is now available with two-way voice built directly into the pendant. The two-way voice pendant is an additional $5.00/month charge.


Either unit is able to be connected to a TeleGuard Cellular unit in homes that have no landline service. The TeleGuard unit utilizes the ATT cell signal if available in the area.




Main Street Messenger

or Pers Unit

1 Time Activation Fee $35.00

1 Time Activation Fee of $35.00

Monthly Lease and Monitoring Fee $27.50

Monthly Lease and Monitoring Fee $22.50


We will do a personalized visit to the home within a 45 mile radius of our office.  This visit would include setup and testing of the unit for the consumer.

If the consumer lives outside this radius and desires the service, we are able to setup the Pers Unit at our office and mail it directly to them for installation.


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