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Exede Internet


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Are you ready for faster Internet Service? Have you been told, you have no line of site, or that the fiber is not going to be activated in your area? Call us at Clark Electric Appliance & Satellite 1-866-279-6544. If you can see the Southern Sky, You can get EXEDE!


Speeds of the NEW EXEDE product reach up to a 12 mbps download, 3 mbps upload, not only on the top end package but on all packages!


The Exede Service is now available and it is truely AMAZING!


There is NO activation fee, NO basic installation fee, with a two-year commitment for the service. The new EXEDE product does require a dish antenna and tria mounted on your home or pole and a modem to take advantage of this service.


There are different packages available, each have speeds up to 12 mbps download, 3 mbps upload. The difference in the packages will be based on the data allowances you need. Click on the link above for a list of the packages available.


The data allowance is the amount of data you would download/upload whether it is large files, gaming, or file sharing programs; music, movie downloads etc. We will help you determine which package would best fit your needs.


A $5.95/month service-lease fee is in addition to your monthly package fee. The equipment is leased to you. This lease/service fee will cover the service or replacement of equipment if needed.


All speeds listed are the advertised/target performance of “up to” speeds. Actual speeds received by individual subscribers may vary based on multiple factors, including but not limited to time-of-day, consumer device utilized, in-home networks.


Start enjoying EXEDE today.  Print out the Subscriber Signup, Lease Agreement and 1st page of the Customer Agreement, sign and return these forms with the fee for your first month of service to our office at PO Box 220, Greenwood WI 54437.


Call us at Clark Electric Appliance & Satellite in Greenwood at1-866-279-6544 . You can also email the signed documents to


Exede Signup forms:

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