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Membership Responsiblity

The Cooperative’s undertaking extends only to the supplying of services at the point of delivery. Members are warned of the risk of damage to property and the possibility of fire or personal injury resulting from improper wiring and manner of attachment or use and maintenance of electric appliances, fixtures and apparatus. They should be advised to allow no one except experienced and capable electricians to install or make any change, alternation, or repairs to any part of the member’s installation.


Members Liability

Member assumes full responsibility for the electricity upon member’s premises at and from the point of delivery thereof, and for the wires, apparatus, devices and appurtenances thereon used in connection with the service. Member shall indemnify, save harmless and defend the cooperative against all claims, demands, costs or expense for loss, damage or injury to person or property in any manner directly or indirectly arising from, connected with, or growing out of the transmission or use of electric current by member at or on member’s side of the point of delivery and down to and including resale of service.


Stray Voltage Concerns

Clark Electric Cooperative offers stray voltage testing of your facilities to make sure voltages are within acceptable limits. Call our operations department with your request.


Protection by Member

The member shall protect the equipment of the cooperative on his premises and shall not interfere with or alter or permit interference with or alteration of the cooperative’s meters or other property except by duly authorized representatives of the cooperative.

Any loss or damage to the property of the cooperative due to, or caused by, or arising from carelessness, neglect or misuses by a member or authorized persons, shall be the responsibility of the member. The cost of all necessary replacement and repairs shall be assumed by the member.


Access to Premises

Duly authorized representatives of the cooperative shall have the right of ingress to and egress from the premises of any member at all reasonable times for the purpose of reading, testing, inspecting, repairing, replacing or removing its meters or other property, or inspecting the member’s installation or for the purpose of removing its property on the termination of its contract or on discontinuance of service from whatever cause.

If the cooperative shall be required to place any portion of its wires or service supply lines underground or relocate any poles or feeders by order of any governmental agency or to improve service, the member shall change the location of his point of connection to the cooperative lines at his own expense.


Location of Meter

All meters are to be located on the outside of buildings or on poles or in underground pedestals. For new services or service upgrades, meters will be in underground pedestals. Meter pedestals shall be a minimum of 60 feet; 30 feet from mobile homes, from the nearest structure. Members who have remodeled buildings, which have caused meters to be located on the interior, shall be responsible to have the service entrance relocated by their electrician, to the outside. The cooperative should be notified so its service wires can also be moved.


Foreign Electricity

No other source of supply of electricity shall be introduced or used by members in conjunction with service supplied without written consent of the cooperative.


Resale of Service

All purchased electric service on the premises of the member shall be supplied exclusively by the cooperative, and the member shall not directly or indirectly sell, or sublet, assign or otherwise dispose of the electric service, or any part thereof, without the consent of the cooperative.


Line Extension

Your cooperative provides service to all areas within our current system. Extending facilities within our boundaries may involve a 10 year guarantee for services and a non-refundable contribution in aid of construction may be required depending on the type of service requested. In anticipation of any new or upgraded service, contact our office for current cost estimates.


Moving Our Facilities

When our facilities are installed, we match the needs of the members along with the least expensive distance to provide quality service. In the future, if a member has a need for us to move poles, transformers, security lights, anchors, underground lines, etc. we will charge for the moving of said facilities. Check with our operations department for current policies and cost.


Upgrading Our Facilities

If members have a need for increased capacity from the cooperative, please check with our operations department for current policies and cost estimates. Your electrician should be in contact with our operations department in advance so we can meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.


Standby Generation

Standby generation can be a very useful tool to a member. Clark Electric Cooperative will assist those members in questions that they may have concerning stand by generation. Safety is of paramount concern when having a generator hooked up. Clark Electric Cooperative requires a double throw switch for all generators.


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