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New Commercial Service

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1.  Contact Clark Electric Cooperative:

  • Obatin all the necessary permits/requirements from the municipality.
  • Setup an appointment with a cooperative representative for an on-site visit with member or the contractor representing the member.
  • Provide information about the building plans and location of the property.
  • All new members are subject to identity verification and credit assessment. The member will need to complete a membership application where they will provide their address, social security number and date of birth.  A consumer deposit may be required before the service is energized.

2.  On-Site Visit:

  • The cooperative representative will define options for your new electric service.
  • Determine the cost of building the service based on current charges. After the visit a letter will be sent to you explaining what the cost for the new service will be.

3.  Forms and Service Requirements:


  • Membership Application - all new members need to complete, sign and return
  • Easement - if an easement is required we will draft the paperwork and the property owner must sign, have their signatures notarized and return the completed form to Clark Electric Cooperative. We do have notarizes on staff, call ahead to schedule a time and we can complete the paperwork in the office or in the field with a cooperative representative.


  • Meter Applications/Requirements - meter sockets must have a bypass.
  • CT Cabinet - 3 Phase CT Cabinets are supplied by Clark Electric Cooperative when applicable.
  • Service must be wired per National Electric Code.
  • Notify Clark Electric Cooperative when meter socket is ready.  Be sure propsed route is clear of all obstructions.
  • Construction fees and ALL paperwork must be returned to Clark Electric Cooperative before construction can begin.
  • Electric service will be installed if the grade and landscaping is within 6 inches of final grade.
  • The party responsible for digging will need to contact Digger's Hotline.
  • Expose any private facilities in teh flagged path (septic system, member's underground cable).
  • If applicable - the member should contact the telephone company to initiate their phone service, Clark Electric Cooperative may contact them to coordiante joint burial.

4.  Completion:

  • The actual completion time varies depending on such factors as current work load complexity of the service installation and weather conditions.
  • When the meter is set and energized the service charges will begin.
  • The meter must be set within 30 days.  Regardless if the meter is set or not, after 30 days the minimum billing will begin.


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