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Service Upgrades

Contact Clark Electric Cooperative's Operation Department at 800-272-6188 ext. 4 or 715-267-6188 ext. 4 to discuss any service upgrade needs. Sometimes older homes or businesses need to upgrade or enlarge their electric capacity. 

  • Clark Electric Cooperative's equipment may be comaptible for your changes but we may still need to coordinate an appointment to assist your electrician. A signed and notarized affidavit certificate may be required from the electrician depending on the type of work being done.
  • It may be necessary for a cooperative representative to schedule a appointment to meet with the member at the property. All options will be discussed and you will be advised of any fees and necessary forms that may be needed before we can start the upgrade. If there are any fees a letter will be sent to the member explaining the costs and necessary paperwork.


Forms & Requirements that may apply:

  • Wiring Affidavit - signed & notarized.
  • Meter Sockets - must have bypass and be 200amp.
  • Meter Pedestals - must be purchased from and installed by Clark Electric Cooperative.  
  • Service wired per National Electric Code (NEC).
  • Be sure construction route is clear of all obstructions.


  1. Return all completed froms to Clark Electric Cooperative that you may have received.
  2. Construction fees must be paid before Clark Electric Cooperative will being electric service construction.
  3. Inform Clark Electric Cooperative when meter socket is installed and ready for connection.  Most situations will require a wiring affidavit from the electrician.
  4. Electric Service will be installed if the grade and landscaping of your property is within 6 inches of the final grade.
  5. All private facilities in the flagged path should be marked by the member.
  6. The party responsible for diggin will need to contact Digger's Hotline.
  7. Completion time will vary depending on current work load, complexity of the service installation and weather conditions.


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