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Who's Responsible Guidelines

Who's Responsible...


Guidelines For Repairing Electric Service


Clark Electric Cooperative owns the following equipment and is responsible for maintaining:

Clark Electric Cooperative Overhead Electric Service:

  • The wires from the transformer to the meter pole and the electrical connections on those wires.
  • The meter pole, guy wire and ground rod.
  • The electric meter.

Clark Electric Cooperative Underground Electric Service:

  • The cable connecting the undergrund electrical transformer to the meter.
  • Locating faults that occur on cable connecting the underground electrical transformer to the electric meter and the connections.

Membership is responsible for maintaining:

Members Overhead Electric Service:

  • The meter loop, including the meter socket.  (Except with CT metering.)
  • Fuses and/or breaker panel, including disconnect switches.
  • Secondary service wires leaving the meter pole and connecting to other buildings/locations and the connections to those wire.

Members Underground Electric Service:

  • Location and repair secondary service wires extending from the meter to other building and those connections.
  • Any disconnect switches, fuses and/or breaker panels at the meter.
  • The meter socket.  (Except with CT Metering)
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