Blinking Lights


When the lights blink it means the electric utility's equipment is functioning correctly. Blinks are the result of momentary interruptions on the line. These brief interruptions can be caused by squirrels, birds, trees, vehicle accidents or lighting strikes making contact with an energized power line.

To minimize the inconvenience caused by a brief interruptions here are a few suggestions:

  • Purchase appliances with battery backup systems built in.

  • Use a Power Supply System (UPS) for computers, printers and fax machines.  A UPS system provides a 15-20 minute time frame where data can be saved and equipment can be shut down properly.

  • Purchase surge protectors rather than power strips to help protect your appliances.  Some surge protectors even come with a warranty on your items.

If the interruptions start to happen more frequently than once in a great while please contact our Operations Department at 800-272-6188 or 715-267-6188 ext. 4. Please be sure to keep track of the dates and times that the interruptions are occurring. This may help us find the problem.