Lighting Efficiency

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) use up to 75% less energy than standard bulbs, lasts up to 10 times longer and on average can save you more than $30 in energy costs over their lifetime. CFLs come in many different shapes and sizes.  Click here to learn more about CFLs from Energy Star.

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Lighting Facts:

Lighting accounts for 20% (1/5) of the average home's electric bills.                                                     

The average U.S. household has more than 40 sockets for lights in their home. If even five incadescent light bulbs that burn three hours a day are replaced with ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs, the average savings could be $225 in electricity over the lifetime of the CFLs.

Source: Dairyland Power Cooperative                                                                                              


How Much Money Can You Save?