Vegetation Management

The power line on or near your property is a vital link that supplies energy that serves all of us. We understand how important trees can be to homeowners and to communities.  As trees grow they can come into contact with power lines making it important to trim and clear power line right-of-ways for public safety, to provide reliable service, to protect personal and public property and to provide the crews better access to the power lines. Clark Electric Cooperative has an aggressive right-of-way maintenance program which includes tree trimming and spraying.

Tree Trimming


Tree Trimming

The tree trimming program is on a 5-year rotation. This means that we have tree trimming contractors coming to your area once every 5 years. The contractor is instructed to clear 15 feet on both sides of the line for single-phase and 20 feet on both sides of the line for three-phase. They also will be removing trees or tree branches that hang over the lines as well as trees and brush growing in the right-of-way. Trees that are dead, dying or lean heavy towards the line are considered to be hazard trees and will need to be removed even if they are outside of the right-of-way.


This tree trimming insert explains Clark Electric's Tree trimming policies and why it is important for our members.

You can also read our Tree Planting Guide for information on tree planting around electric poles and cables.


Whether you are planting a single tree in the front yard or several thousand trees to start a plantation, it's important to consider the species of trees and the location in which you plan to plant them.  This is especially important if you are planting trees near overhead power lines.  


Please keep the following in mind when planting trees:

  1. Clark Electric Cooperative requires 15 feet of clearance on both sides of the line for single-phase and 20 feet on both sides of the lines for three-phase right-of-way.

  2. Be sure to plant your trees far enough away from power lines so that when the trees are fully grown, there will still be 20 feet of clearance to the power line without the need for trimming.

  3. Remember, if you chose to plant trees in the right-of-way or too close to the right-of-way, your trees may need to be trimmed or cut some day.


Check out the Arbor Day Foundation website for more information on trees and shrubs.




The spraying program is a safe and efficient way to help keep right-of-ways clear of trees and brush through the careful use of herbicides. Selectively controlling trees and weeds along power lines and other right-of-ways not only assures safe and easy access for service and maintenance needs but also perserves and enhances natural surroundings. 


The spraying program is on a 2 1/2 year rotation. This means the contractor is in your area about every 2 1/2 years.Clark Electric Cooperative currently contracts with 4-Control, Inc. for our spraying needs.  All 4-Control, Inc. technicians are trained, licensed and certified by the State Of Wisconsin.  All herbicides used by 4-Control, Inc. are approved and registered for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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